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Research Topics

Our multiclient reports analyse important end-use sectors for raw materials and intermediate components.

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The following are a selection of research topics completed by Eurotrends Research from 1994 to date.

Rubber Reports

  • Rubber Profiles in the Window Industry
  • Rubber Profiles in the Car Industry
  • EPDM suppliers in Europe
  • Rubber Hose in West Europe
  • Rubber Belts in West Europe
  • Rubber Hose and Belts in the European Car Industry

Thermoplastics Reports

  • Structural Plastic Sheet in the Car Industry
  • Transparent Plastic Sheet in West Europe
  • PVC Foam Sheet
  • Polyamide in East Europe
  • Plastics in Electrical Connectors
  • PTFE in West Europe
  • Thermoplastics versus Thermoset Polymers in the Electrical Industry

Thermosets Reports

  • Structural Plastic Sheet in the Car Industry
  • Resin Transfer Moulding
  • Sheet Moulding Compound
  • Filament Winding
  • Pultrusion
  • Structural Plastics in the European Railway Industry
  • Reinforcement for Hose, Belts & Composites