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The Window & Window Gasket Industry

It is estimated that the European market for windows reached 104 million units in 2004 showing a modest average annual increase of 0.25%. This was despite the severe downturn in the German market which has fallen by over 50% in the past seven years.

The poor performance in Germany was balanced by healthy growth in Spain, the UK and East Europe which achieved a combined average growth of 5% over seven years. PVC-U has made steady gains over wood and metal frames although the recent increase in PVC prices may increase competition between the systems. Spain and Italy support a strong aluminium industry accounting for 55% of the European aluminium window window market.

In Part 2 of the study on window gaskets, the market is estimated at over 80,000 tonnes of elastomer valued at ?148 million (105 million). The fall in volume over ten years has been due mainly to the replacement of solid rubber gaskets by co-extrusion of thermoplastics with the PVC frame Thermoplastic elastomers now account for over 50% of the industry and new formulations in PVC, SEBS and TPVs have been developed to meet the latest trade standards in Europe.

Published April 2005

The comprehensive report compiled from interviews with over two hundred specialists in the window and raw materials industries, reviews the window market in Part 1 and the market for gaskets in Part 2. The report contains over 50 charts and tables, quantifying the market for windows and gaskets by material, and assesses the prospects for growth to 2009.

The report concludes with a directory of raw material suppliers, compounders, gasket suppliers and trade associations connected with the window industry.

Part 1 is available separately as an introductory report on the window market. Part 2 assesses the market for gaskets by polymer type and estimates the values of compound and extrusions.

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